Chocolate Beet Cake

The end product of the chocolate beet cake with chocolate torte frosting.

I love cooking and baking. Recently, I heard of chocolate beet cake, and immediately, I thought, “That sounds weird. I’ll try it.” I did a quick search and found this recipe at The Family Kitchen. A day or two after finding the recipe, I marched around Prince Albert in freezing temperatures, trudging through the snow from Zeller’s to Walmart to find a bundt cake pan. The effort was worth it. This cake was really good. I have no idea what the beets do to the cake, but I didn’t taste them at all. It was just a very good chocolate cake. The recipe was easy, too. I also used a chocolate torte frosting recipe on I substituted 1/4-1/2 cup powdered cocoa for the unsweetened chocolate squares, and it turned out really good. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t use it again because of the immense amount of eggs in it. I would recommend this cake to any chocolate lover, especially to anyone who wants to try something different.

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